I was very anxious to learn all about animals and their caring, I moved to Barcelona to study. There were so many possibilities that I stayed for several years.

I chose everything I thought I would enjoy and improve my knowledge concerning animals and pets. I suddenly realized exactly what I wanted to do for living.
I am a Technical Assistant of Zoos and Aquariums, Veterinary Technical and Surgical Assistant, Wild Fauna Rehabilitator, Dog Trainer and even Dog Groomer.
The experience I acquired at Maragall Exotics caring for exotic animals was very special.

My daily companions were african hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, and parrots of a thousand colors. Can you believe it? I had never seen most of these animals in my life. I learned to get the most out of our pets with the Bocalán Foundation. Dog training to help people with reduced mobility, with some type of disability or special therapies involving constant work lasting 8 to 10 months. It is incredible how much you accomplish from them and the uncountable benefits: Better home environment, stress reduction, daily independence, children’s emotional development.

I lived in Lisbon thanks to a Leonardo foundation scholarship. I was still interested in exotic and wild animals so I applied to develop my research in a wildlife rehabilitation center in the city, which allowed me to get to know Portugal, their language, and their excellent food. The Knowledge, experience, and an unconditional love for animals gaves me the opportunity to put into practice every day and I am lucky to have the best pet owners in the world.


When a friend of mine told me how the verterinary practices were, I just could’t see myself doing them.

I can’t stand to see an animal suffering.

Ever since i was a child I have practice horseback riding. There was a horse ridding center near my house. There were not only horses, but all kinds of animals aswel, so the hours flew by when i was there!

My family and friends will ran away from me. Just Imagine how I smelled after a hot day working with animals in the stables. Ha! I still remember their faces, mine was of complete happiness. That is why in my free time I like to do sports outdoors and be in contact with nature. So on vacation, you will also find me surrounded by animals.
Studying and working abroad for so long made me miss Cádiz, my home and specially all my family.

The years that I worked abroad, I made the most of it to learn and save money. I took the leap to become a businesswoman in 2012. It was absolute novelty in Cádiz, I was even interviewed on the radio and appeared in the newspaper. Whereas Barcelona, where I lived, pet home services were already available.

I looked for a van and equipped it so that the pets and I could be as comfortable as possible. Hot water, blowdryer, brushes, different scissors and blades, stable surfaces, and all the tools I needed to make pets look cute and healthy for longer.

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